Om mig, er föreläsare


Jag är en 43 år gammal kvinna som nu bor i Danderyd. Jag brinner för ämnen som mental träning, positiv psykologi, tankens kraft och självkännedom. Min egen resa började år 2006 i Santa Rosa, Kalifornien och jag har studerat allt jag har kunnat komma över inom dessa genrer sedan dess.

Under resans gång har jag hunnit att skriva en min bok "Put down that sandwich and start feeding your soul". Boken handlar om min  egen personliga resa. Jag har nu äntligen förstått att det är inom dessa ämnen som jag kommer till min rätt. Jag har under många år delat med mig av mina personliga historier och erfarenheter med nära och kära och de har alla verkat genuint intresserade av det jag har att berätta. Det är däremot inte förrän nu som jag känner mig redo att stiga ur min trygga värld och dela med mig av mina kunskaper till en vidare krets människor.

Jag har genom att välja den långa vägen förstått att min egen lycka endast kan tillgodogöras  om jag delar med mig av mina erfarenheter. Nu 43 år gammal står jag för min sanning och känner mig äntligen redo att visa vem jag verkligen är och vad jag verkligen går för.

Jag vill utmana dig till att sluta leva ett liv i skuggan av det som du är ämnad för. Kom och upptäck den kraft och skaparglädje som väntar på dig bakom de nedrivna mentala barriärerna.  


"When one man,for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an

extraordinary life,  has he no right to keep it to himself"

- International explorer, Jaques Cousteau



Här följer ett smakprov ur min bok


Do you believe that things in life just happen out of the blue or by chance? Or do you believe that there are no coincidences and that there is a meaning to what is happening around you? I believe that every specific incident good or bad is trying to direct us in one way or another so that we can get closer to our main purpose.

My self-search journey started out as me being curious about the law of attraction which then avalanched into several different directions. One of them being me on a quest of finding out who I really am (my essence) but the further down I went on this path of finding myself the closer it brought me to the knowledge that I was viewing and interpreting our reality in a very limited way.

I am an impatient child of the 70’s and I am used to the quick fix answers and solutions. My discovery has been anything but quick and with no real borders and boundaries. One thing blends into another. It feels as if I have been standing in the middle of a snow globe (one of these toy glace globes that come with a snowy winter landscape that you are supposed to shake around). I have shaken this snow globe by embarking on this journey and I’ve watched how my reality (as I knew it back then) has been turned up side down and shaken all around. I have watched how all my values and beliefs about myself and life have been tossed up into the air and how they’ve swirled around me and landed in the most unexpected places. I have through this journey of mine got glimpse of what this expanded reality is. We are so much more than what most of us believe us to be. Most of us are not aware of this fact and are only using a fraction of our entire capacity.

This book is for all of you who’ve lost yourselves along the walk of life and are now trying to find a meaningful way back to your authentic selves. It will be a magical and inspiring journey which will hopefully lead you to your path of finding your TRUE HAPPINESS. Don’t compromise or negotiate IT once you do find IT. Find the courage to go after IT instead.

Keep in mind that the turning point in the lives of most people who have succeeded usually came at the moment of some deep crisis, through which they were introduced to their authentic selves. This is where you’ll find the purest expression of who you really are doing whatever you are supposed to do for the better of mankind.

I can now see that we are meant to understand the nature of who we really are and only by manifesting it outward can we find our true happiness, peace of mind and fill this void that we feel inside of us. I believe that this void has an important function. It is actually telling us that it is time to go looking for our true happiness. As we do so we will soon detect that things around us will change for the better.

What I now know for certain is that I want to share my experience and story with you dear reader. I want to show you that life is meant to be so much more beautiful and colorful than what we could ever possibly imagine it to be. This self-search journey of mine has also showed me that the world of our consciousness is far more mysterious and influential than what most of us imagine it to be.

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge” – author & musician Tuli Kupferberg.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed telling you my story.

I wish you Love and Light along your journey.


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