The content of this workshop can be offered as a lecture for your company  

The workshop is divided into three parts:

Part 1 The power of your thoughts - workshop

    • Here I'll teach you how to set and reach your goals with the Power of your thoughts
    • I'll also introduce you to insights and a toolbox for how to get started with the "law of attraction"

Part 2 The expanded reality - workshop

  • Here I'll teach you how to expand your senses and a get in touch with a broader reality
  • I will also teach you how to use your spirituality that exists within you to your advantage
  • and I'll introduce you to the joy of meditation

Part 3 An individual Skype appointment

  • This appointment is for answering all your questions that you may come across

I’m proud to present my workshop Explore beyond limits that starts in Autumn 2015. My intention and wish for this workshop is to be able to show you that there is more to discover beyond your daily life as you know it today. There exists another reality beyond your horizon that I would like to introduce you to. I want to help you to develop in a desirable direction, I want to show you that the universe is abundant and limitless. I want to show you how to live a life in abundance. What most people are not aware of is that they are attracting the lives that they are living. I want to show you the power that lies in conscious creating and introduce you to an entire new toolbox that you can use to design your new life.

I want to show you the way to self-fulfillment, self-realization and your personal power. I don’t know the exact measures and steps necessary and I won’t be able to identify all the doors that will open up to you but what I do know is that your self-search journey will become more evident along your journey.


The workshop is available in Swedish from February 15th 2015 and in English from Autumn 2015.

The workshop will consist of a small workgroup in a friendly environment.

Price: 2300 kr

Place: Hälsans hus, Fjällgatan 23B, 116 28 Stockholm.

Time: Autumn 2015, the exact dates will be posted later.


For more information please watch the video on facebook.

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